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I am a freelance theatre director, movement director and assistant director, based in London. I am also the Artistic Director of Stones Theatre Company which was founded in 2015. 

I spend the majority of my days as a Movement Teacher at London College of Music, alongside directing many freelance projects, ranging from 10-minute shorts to originally devised pieces and full-blown newly written plays.

I am continually developing my artistic voice, involving myself in a variety of creative projects that challenge the world as we see it through a darkly comic sense of humour. I enjoy working collaboratively with actors and always like to have another project on the horizon.

I would love to hear from any creatives who wish to collaborate, get some feedback on an idea or simply need a second pair of eyes on their work.

I can always make time for a coffee... or wine.





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SAGA  |   Stones Theatre Company     |    Edinburgh Fringe, Greenside     |    Director   |   Producer

Joyce  |   Turtle Company     |    Edinburgh Fringe, Assembly Roxy  |    Stage and Production Manager

Lysistrata   |   The Delta Collective     |    The Cockpit     |    Director   

Love and Information, Caryl Churchill  |   University of Northampton   |    Director 

Modern Times, dir. Glenn Gaunt      |   Union Theatre     |    Assistant Director

SAGA  |   Stones Theatre Company     |    The Etcetera     |    Director   |   Producer

happy ever after?      |   WoLab   |    The Bunker   |    Producer and Director

The Kitchen, Joseph Martin    |   Studio 9294 Hackney   |  Redgates Theatre   |     Director

Room, Rob Bowler    |   Clapham Omnibus   |      Director

Rotation, Mandi Chivasa & Toto Bruin  |   WoLab   |    The Bunker   |  Director

BiscuitReece Connelly   |  BITS for Cuckoo Bang   |    Streatham Space   |     Director

The Tempest     |   Sea-Change Theatre   |    Theatre at Chipping Norton   |     Assistant Director

Smart Home, Jake Guastella    |    The Twilight Hour   |  Etcetera Theatre  |     Director

Gone, Megan Jenkins   |  CAMDEN FRINGE  |  Lion and Unicorn Theatre   |     Director


Ghosted, Jodie Garnish    |    Pulse Festival   |  Director 

Salome   |   KDC Theatre, dir. Laura Dorn   |   Movement Director   

Twelfth Night  |   Winchester College Players, dir. Simon Taylor   |  Minack Theatre  |  Assistant Director  

My Name's Macbeth  |  RADA MA Directing Showcase, dir. Laura Dorn   |   Assistant Director

Radiant Vermin, Philip Ridley   |   Stones Theatre Company   |   Director and Producer

Youth Condemn   |   DeCantillon Films, dir. Timothy Reynard     |    1st Assistant Director 


CloserPatrick Marber   |  Stones Theatre Company   |   Director and Producer

Flat 73, Gaye Poole   |   Human Story Theatre, dir. Kevin Tomlinson   |   Assistant Director

PerfectJeremy Allen   |   SatMatCo., dir. Lizzy McBain   |   Assistant Director

The Grimm Classroom, devised  |   Stones Theatre Company   |   Director

Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens   |   Stones Theatre Company   |   Director

King Lear  |  Winchester College Players, dir. Simon Taylor  |  Minack Theatre  |  Assistant Director




Movement and Acting tutor   |   London College of Music   |   2018/19

Oxford Brookes University   |   2014-2017  |   BA Hons Drama with English Literature   |   2:1

Children's Musical Theatre Teacher   |   The Next Stage, Guangzhou, China   |   2017-2018 

Young Vic Directors Program member

WINNER of Pegasus Theatre Award for Commitment to the Arts 2017

Actor's Centre   |   Introduction to Le Coq   |   Matthew Coulton​

The Chekhov Collective   |   Ensemble and Chorus in Chekhov   |   Rebecca Frecknall

Old Vic 12   |   A Practical Approach to Developing New Work   |   Sophie Moniram

Old Vic 12  |   Directing Page to Stage   |   Hannah Banister

Royal Central School for Speech and Drama   |   Introduction to Directing   |   Juliet Knight, NYT

National Theatre   |   Exploring Julie, August Strindberg Workshop   |   NT




Olivia Stone

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